Jul 26, 2016

Introducing the Honey Label and Celebrating Ribbons

I finally finished the label design for my honey jars. The bees have been busy bringing in the honey. I only harvested a frame to taste and my dad said that "it tastes better than any honey" he's ever tasted. That's a dad for ya.
Now for a bit of a confession. I have a ribbon obsession.. the older the better.. velvet, silk, satin, cotton, plaid.. you name it, I love it. So, to celebrate this wonderful obsession, I painted Chanel ribbon, one of my favorites. 

Roses with Chanel Ribbon8"x 6" Oil on linen Panel
Silver with Grapes8"x 6" Oil on linen Panel
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Oh, my chickens are now starting to lay eggs. My Sweetpea lead by example--so proud of them. Hmmm we must have photos.. for another day.

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  1. our neighbor has 4 chickens and he gets soo many eggs from them.
    Today it is always better to grow your own food at home.