Aug 16, 2014

My Favorite Things Part 1: Books, Chanel, and Pink Roses

All About Chanel,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
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Inspired by Oprah's favorite things, I thought I would paint some of mine.
Although, I dress like an art teacher (to my mom this means disposable clothing, since I don't spend much on it knowing that it will just get paint soon after I wear it) and less like I make fashion sense, I still LOVE fashion and fashion books. One of my favorites is this Chanel book. From the prettiest pink color spine to, of course, all the glorious inspiration throughout. Unless, they have been given to me as gifts, most books I own I've purchased used. This one was through HPB, but recently I found a copy on eBay for a friend. I LOVE it.
This summer, I learned to take better care of another of my absolute favorites: my pink roses. Of the 20 plus David Austin roses I purchased a couple of years ago, only about 6 are still thriving. They kept getting eaten up, and I thought it was the deer enjoying them in the mornings and late evenings. This summer I found out it was the bunnies. In fact, they had made a bunny hole right in the middle of one of my flower beds. I still love the bunnies, but I want to have roses. So, I researched and found out they don't like garlic. This means that I spent a quarter of my summer chopping up garlic like crazy Mr. McGregor. 
The ones from these paintings are the Strawberry Hill. 
I miss my white roses. Now that I know how to protect them, I will have to replace the Claire Austin ones and add some creams and yellows along with them.
Sketch of Pink Roses,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
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The Coco Bag,  Oil on 3"x6" Linen Panel
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Aug 7, 2014

Labor of Love

Sunflowers in Cobalt Blue Vase,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
Private Collection in San Saba, TX
First, I must say that everything I paint is because I absolutely love. I don't like to paint things that I don't find to be attractive to me for one reason or another. Sometimes it's sentimental reasons and other times it's as simple as beautiful colors or the texture. Either way, it's something that I want to capture and stare at for long periods of time. I want to study it and how it affects the environment around it, as in the case of Sunflowers in Cobalt Blue Vase does. In that respect, I feel ALL my paintings are a labor of love. 

More often than not, I have to create a painting, wipe it all down, and start all over again if something is just not working. Some never get completed and I just end up painting something totally different on that panel. Then there are some, that I just have to paint, no matter how much trouble they are giving and how long it takes them to be completed. This is the case for this set of paintings. I've painted and  wiped away everything, and started all over again countless times, but I so much loved the subjects that I refused to give up. I feel it was worth all the work, as I am now very happy with them.

Sunflower and Turquoise Wall,  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel
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Tulips in Glass Vase,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Pearland, Texas
Art Deco Teapot and Turquoise Wall,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
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Jul 31, 2014

Ode to Summer, Landscapes and Books

Pink Crepe Myrtle with Bee,  Oil on 6"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Norfolk, MA
Cream Color Snapdragons,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
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Summer has come and gone.
My to-do list was lost early in the summer, so I  painted several still lifes and landscapes, instead of painting the picnic tables, adding molding to the columns on the front porch, or upholstering the wing-back chair for the sitting room. However, there are no regrets. This just means it will be a very busy weekend.

Aside from painting, I had the chance to read a bit. My girls and I read The Secret Life of Bees, which made for interesting talks with them. My youngest is 14 years old, like the main character, making it a bit more special. The Crepe Myrtle and Bee painting is in remembrance of our little reading adventure together. 

It wasn't until I was writing the title of the painting that it brought to mind some of the first books we read together--the Harry Potter collection. We would stay up late reading and on the days the new books came out, we would stay up even later to wait in line for our copy.
Moaning Myrtle has popped in my head a time or two when discussing crepe myrtles, showing how books stay with you for a long long time.

I am in love with the Kate Spade and Lennox vase. I purchased two different sizes, the one in the first painting and one that is a bit bigger and more of a tear drop shape. They make the most wonderful still life props. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

This summer, we also took a little trip to Table Rock Lake, in Missouri of which more landscapes are to come.
The last landscape, was one of those mornings when I stepped outside to drink coffee and noticed the sunrise. I ran inside, gathered all my paints and tools and threw them in the car to head in search for a good spot to paint.

Moon Over Table Rock Lake,  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Hackettstown NJ
Landscape No.5 ,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Hackettstown NJ

Jul 25, 2014

A bit more Flow Blue (or Flo Blue)

Pink Roses in Flow Blue,  Oil on 6"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Langhorne, PA 
School is about to start again and it seems when it does the Holidays are close by and time goes faster. I decided this week I would "make" things go a little slower to get myself to relax. I get a lot of inspiration from so many other blogs, for my home and for my art. So, I went to several blogs that I've loved for so long, but really got to stay for a while. It was absolutely indulging--I wish I could do that more often. 

There are times when I "have to" paint a certain item and I search and search as it nags at me until I find it. That was the case with the snap dragons below. I was thrilled to find them after most of June and July searching for them. I think they are perfect with the pink carnations. Although I am also working on a painting that is just the snap dragons. I did have to go a bit bigger than my usual paintings on this one in order to be able to fit them in the canvas without having to lose too much detail.  Now to paint some sunflowers.

There are a few pieces left that are starting at $25. 

I must not forget to say a HUGE thank you for ALL your support. Your encouragement and your desire to have my paintings in your home is more than special to me. 
It is truly an honor. THANK YOU!!!!

Still Life with Pink Carnations and Snap Dragons,  Oil on 6"x8" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Hackettstown, NJ

Jul 20, 2014

Summer Paintings

Pink Rose with Ginger Jar,  Oil on 6"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Nantucket, MA
I am having a need-a-new-camera art sell. 
There are several paintings listed on eBay that begin at $25 US plus shipping.
This includes the recently completed daisy painting below.

Daisies in Glass Ink Well,  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Bartlett, TN 

Jul 6, 2014

July Paintings

Pink Roses Glass Vase,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Pearland, Texas
Still Life with Daisy and Nectarine,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Hackettstown, NJ
Still Life with Brie, Figs, and Pear  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Holbrook, MA

Jul 3, 2014

Rainier Cherry, Rose and Blue and White

Pink Rose in Blue and White Vase,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Sydney, Australia
Rainier Cherry with Blue and White Cup,  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Nantucket MA 

Jun 27, 2014

June Sweets and Rose

Berry Cheese Cake,  Oil on 6"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Dallas, Texas

Jun 19, 2014

Summer Cherries and Berries

Still Life with Cherries and Cup,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Basking Ridge, NJ
Still Life with Raspberries and Blue and White Bowl,  Oil on 3"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in London, England
Still Life with Strawberry and Raspberries,  Oil on 3"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in DURHAM, NH

Jun 14, 2014

June Paintings

Roses and Green Ginger Jar,  Oil on 5"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in San Saba, Texas

Jun 12, 2014

Thank you.

Strawberry and Blue and White Cup,  Oil on 3"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Chelmsford, MA
Moments after I post something, every time, without fail, I think "Oh, I should have proofread." However, instead I hit "submit" or "Send" the following time end up just regretting it. So, I am so very grateful that you overlook my grammar and spelling mistakes. 
Oh, my Mrs. Cole, my AP English teacher would mark my posts with lots of red ink if she ever read them.

Jun 9, 2014

Jun 3, 2014


Hydrangeas in Glass Vase,  Oil on 4"x8" Linen Panel

Residence in Durham, New Hampshire
I received he flowers on these paintings from my gardener friend, Judith Miracle. She asked me to take part with her in a floral design show. Although I did with a bit of fear, as I had never done anything like that before, she helped me be brave. I took a bunch of flowers and props I use for my oil paintings. I was honored with the Petite Award for one of my small arrangements and I couldn't have been happier. Judith was so generous with her lovely flowers from the show and gave them ALL to me. I have several other paintings on the works in which I try my best to do them justice. 
Pink Hydrangeas in Crystal,  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Durham, New Hampshire
Strawberry Trio,  Oil on 4"x4" Linen Panel


May 26, 2014

Hello Summer

White Peonies in Mint Julep Cup,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Sydney, Australia
Coreopsis in Cobalt Bottle,  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Chelmsford, MA

y daughter and I made these wooden name plaques for her teachers. Although they were lots of fun, after 13 of them, I am ready to go back to oil paints and am DONE with painting plaques. :)

May 18, 2014

Loving Flow Blue

Flow Blue Cup and La-tour Rose,  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Chicago, Illinois
Flow Blue Cup and Cherries,  Oil on 6"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Locust Valley, New York