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It's Not by Magic

I've been catching up on TV lately, specially enjoying OETA's Art:21. My favorite artist, well I should say the artist that I drew the most from was the talented Kerry James Marshall. He recalled how he was impacted by the introduction to Charles White. What stood out was that he noticed how ugly great art can look before "it was brought to the point of refinement". He also mentioned that he enjoys looking at artwork that is unfinished, because it shows that it is not by magic that art is made, rather through hard labor and time.
This of course, means I must get back to work and remember to labor with patience. I watched ART:21 through NetFlix, which I absolutley love!

Happy Holidays

Nandina, I Oil on Canvas 4"x6"
A Painting a Day? That is my New Year's resolution. This is practice for it.
The OKCPS Fine Arts Department met last week at Gail Sloop's home, a wonderful artist and friend. Gail had some beautiful berries for decoration. They are so very festive. The next day I found a bush in front of my eye doctor's building and they were so kind to share a few branches with me. It's amazing how things work out that way.
My plan was to use it for a still life for the kids to draw, but we ran out of time, so I brought them home.
The little green ceramic piece is one that I purchased at the City Arts Center Pottery sale. I still have to work on it. I don't know why my shadow, among other things looks a bit off. I'll finish it before the Christmas and place on Ebay along with other paintings.

I am very thankful that you have visited my blog throughout the year and left or e-mailed me your wonderful comments. They have been extremely delightf…