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A bit more Flow Blue (or Flo Blue)

School is about to start again and it seems when it does the Holidays are close by and time goes faster. I decided this week I would "make" things go a little slower to get myself to relax. I get a lot of inspiration from so many other blogs, for my home and for my art. So, I went to several blogs that I've loved for so long, but really got to stay for a while. It was absolutely indulging--I wish I could do that more often. 

There are times when I "have to" paint a certain item and I search and search as it nags at me until I find it. That was the case with the snap dragons below. I was thrilled to find them after most of June and July searching for them. I think they are perfect with the pink carnations. Although I am also working on a painting that is just the snap dragons. I did have to go a bit bigger than my usual paintings on this one in order to be able to fit them in the canvas without having to lose too much detail.  Now to paint some sunflowers.
There a…

Summer Paintings

I am having a need-a-new-camera art sell. 
There are several paintings listed on eBay that begin at $25 US plus shipping.
This includes the recently completed daisy painting below.