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EAA Fall Show

Quail Egg Quartet 5"x7" Oil on Linen Panel
The pages in this post are in preparation for the Edmond Art Association Fall Show which will take place on Saturday, September 25, 2010 - 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. in the Springcreek Plaza.

Pewter Pitcher 6"x8" Oil on Linen Panel

Rose in Glass Bottle 4"x6" Oil on Linen Panel SOLD

Mainsite Contemporary Art presents the Works of O. Gail Poole

Brass Pot with Plumbs and Oriental Pot by O.Gail Poole
I am happy to announce that O. Gail Poole’s work is in exhibit at the MAINSITE in Norman September 10th – October 30th, 2010. Connections by O.Gail Poole
O. Gail Poole is a resident of Norman, Oklahoma where he enjoys painting. For several decades, this Marlow, Oklahoma native has won numerous awards starting with his earlier work as an illustrator. This master’s range in subject matter and technique is grand, bringing to life landscape, still lifes, and portraits in oil and pastels along with fantastical artworks and sculptures.
Taos Ruin by O.Gail Poole Poole says that it is the world around him that inspires his artwork. This is especially apparent in his landscapes, where he records his experiences of the places he has traveled, bringing to us lands on panels. In his still lifes, Poole infuses color and form to create vibrant paintings that glow with sumptuousness.

Selfportrait by O. Gail Poole
Poole is part of a circle of American c…