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Jeweler: Sheridan Scott

Talk about eye candy! Sheridan Scott makes jewelry here in Oklahoma. Her designs are a gorgeous combination of geometric and organic shapes in gold and silver that hug beautifully sparkling gems. She is a talented and experienced metalsmith. Fortunately for the rest of us, she teaches jewelry making from beading to casting, so that we can all learn a few tricks of the trade.

I had the grand pleasure of visiting her studio—a metalsmith’s delight. I love to see how other artists work. She has a research/inspiration area filled with all of her favorite books; a comfortable sitting area and TV for watching inspiring videos (she is a fan of Eleanor Roosevelt’s who I just absolutely love); along with a large working area. The working area is divided up into areas for sawing/sanding, fine tuning, beading, and in the middle an area to showcase some of her unique jewelry. Clients can purchase art jewelry that she has designed and created or have Sheridan design custom jewelry with the client in…

Art vs. Craft

I just want to send a few questions out there and want to know what you think. Is there a fine line between art (as in fine art) and craft (as in hobby crafts)? What makes something a craft project and not art? Can a craft project ever be considered fine art? If so, who decides?
I always struggle with those questions. I have read alot on the subject, but all that just made me more confused and made me realize that there is no one answer. When an artist considered her/his work a hobby craft, a museum might consider it the best art they have ever seen and it is now worth $500,ooo. Is it the actual art, the material used, or the level of skill, amount of experience, or education of the artist that makes the difference?

Artists Wanted

Danielle is searching for artists for special events. Visit her website for the detail.

Ceramic Work

I wanted to share some of my ceramic work. I don't get to play with ceramics very much. When I do, the projects end up taking up at least three weeks. This is because my kiln (I was fortunate enough to find a good used kiln a few years back) is huge and I have to fill it up to make it worth doing.

Giving up the title "Jack of all Trades"

I am working on giving up the title “Jack of All Trades” for the title of “Master of One”. It is something that I have discussed with other artists and understand that it is a common quandary for creative people. I have excluded some mediums that I decided were not for me—stained glass, glass blowing, iron work, screen printing, weaving, and a few others.
Now, I like to paint (oils, acrylics, and watercolor). I cannot give that up. I love the tools, attention to detail, and the processes of metalsmithing. I cannot give that up. I also sew. That is partly out of necessity. I make costumes for the girls. They always pick the strangest things to be for Halloween that I can’t just go out and buy it. So sewing stays. Plus, I like to give presents that are unique and made with each individual in mind.
I have developed a strategy for myself this year so that I could focus my energy that sounded great in theory; but as I got started I found it made things worse. I decided I would concentrate on…

Oil Painting

I have always loved the look that oil paints give. They have this warmth and depth that I haven’t observed in any other painting medium. I have always been too intimidated by the process. The intimidation stopped a few weeks ago. Well, lots of practice is definitely necessary-no question, but I am having a blast. Plus, oils give me lots of time to fix some of my problems. The practice must go on. I hope you come to witness some progress.

I love small precious things. There something so intimate about having to get close to something in order to see it. If I get to set it on my hands, it is even better. I also love details--I think that is part of the "getting close" thing also. These paintings are meant to go on pendants.