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Why Still Life Paintings?

While on my short vacation, I took a train trip for the very first time since I was a child. Aside from seeing beautiful landscapes of both Texas and Oklahoma, I was able to read. One of the books was a delightful gem of a book, titled Still Life with Oysters and Lemon by Mark Doty- part biographical, part historical, but mostly lots of references to still life paintings, primarily those created by Dutch masters.
It forced me to reflect on the act of painting with oils and why I enjoy painting still lifes so much. 

      The answer for me in one word is "connections." Several different types of connections. The genre allows me to feel somewhat connected to all those still life painters from the past. The objects themselves are simple, most of not much monetary value. Yet to me, my flower paintings, specially those of roses, correlate to the roses in my mother's garden or the painted china she so much loves to collect. 

      The fruits that I love to paint, are tangible lin…