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The word of the week is "Vicissitude"!

Kim CampBird Man

Kim Camp ToothFairy

Michi SusanThrough the Window

Michi Susan Tea Ceremony
"Vicissitude" is the word that started our professional development on expanding our student’s vocabulary. I thought that is title for my blog post for that week. Good or bad there were more unexpected things than those that were expected.
It started with a small car accident, doctor’s appointments, and a couple of school happenings that I was not awaiting. That is the bad. The good was that on our way to the OSU-Okc Farmers Market, we stopped by the City Arts Center to see the work of Kate Rivers and Barbara Robinette Moss.
The better news is that Ezri and I were invited to the Artist Talk. It was very interesting. Kate Rivers walked us through her creative process. She spoke of the story behind some of her works and how she gathers inspiration.
We also heard Narciso Arguelles and Cassandra Wozniak speak. One day I will share my thoughts on that. Today we will stick to the optimistic happe…