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Showing posts from April 19, 2009

New Oil Paintings in the Works

I have received a few e-mails asking what I am working on now. Well, this is it. I want to put together a series of studies on textiles. When you have a father who is skilled upholster for decades and a talented mother who is a wonderful seamstress, you are bound to develop a love (almost obsession) with fabrics. In fact, I have now limited myself to only buying fabrics that I absolutely love and will use immediately. If not, textiles will take over, and I do not want that.
Well, this series started with some silk scraps from Japanese kimonos that I had plan to use as a table covering to set an apple on top as a still life. Somewhere along the way the apple got wrapped in the fabric. Vicki Murray, another brilliant seamstress with a similar passion for fabrics, has given me some beautiful spoons that I plan to incorporate in another painting with some different fabrics.
Neither is finished, by the way. I am waiting for this to dry so that I can fix mistakes and so forth.
Oh, some of you …