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Rembrandt Tulips in Glass Vase, Oil on Linen Panel 5"x7"
So, when can an artist call themselves an artist? Is when they draw the first picture and someone else recognizes what it is? Is it when they are called "artist" by their peers? Is it when they’ve developed “their own” style? Or maybe when they have a “real” studio? How about when they sell their first artwork; or better yet, when they have their first sold out solo exhibit, in New York, Venice, Florence, or Paris? I don’t think it’s the art degree that gives someone the right to call themselves an artist, but then what do I know?
I have never really called myself an artist out loud. I’ve called myself a decorative painter, a muralist, a ceramicist, a jewelry maker, and even an art teacher. So, lately I was wondering, "How old will I be when I can call myself an artist?" After days of asking my soul a million questions, I came to a conclusion: I’ve been an artist since the day I was born.
This is…