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About Teaching and Learning at the Same Time

Peonies with Sliced Apple,by Carla Anglada

I have started teaching middle school art. My classes are full of characters that give me many stories to tell (with no names, of course). I absolutely love it and can’t wait to share with them what I know.
Oh, if you have any great lesson or project ideas, please, send them my way.
At this time, all my students are working on one sculpture for El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Each class is creating a part of the sculpture of paper mache skulls and color tissue paper flowers. It will be part of an exhibit at the Gold Dome in Oklahoma City starting October 22nd. I hope you come to see it. I will post more details of the event later.

Because I am a new teacher, I have lots of catch-up work to do. This has limited my painting time to almost zero. But now that I am getting a tad bit more comfortable, I look forward to learning from an artist whose work I have admired since I walked into the JRB and spotted one of her 8”x10” master paintings t…