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My Hand at Collage Painting

Santo I, Santos Series Mixed Media Collage Painting on Linen 5"x7" I have started several paintings of saint statues. I am very fascinated by rituals and all the items that accompany the ceremonies. This painting was turning out to look too dark and so I rubbed some of the painting off of it. I really like the look and when I would return to finish it, it just felt like that was the way it was destined to be.
Well, when Sarah Capshaw came to do her demo for the Edmond Art Association, she took out a lot of the mystery of collage painting. She made it appear very meditative, which at this time, is just what I needed. A few days after the demo, I came across the Saint painting and knew exactly what to do with it. I took a El Nacional and just found words that connected with me with no real direction in mind. I am very happy with it and I think I will create more of them. The excercise was very helpful and even felt so very self endulgent. Below is a collage painting that I purch…