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Showing posts from March 8, 2009

Enameled Jewelry

Give me metal and color and I am a happy woman. Enamels are a wonderful way to paint on metal. There are many techniques that artists can use to get the effect they want. The techniques I used for these two pendants are pretty fundamental, but experienced enamellists create elaborate works of art on their miniature metal canvases. Some of my favorite enamellists are Harlan Butt, David Freda, Marjorie Simon and Sarah Perkins. ; ; ;

Tiffany Stallings Holcomb

This necklace says “royalty” in the softest, prettiest way. Perfectly shaped teardrop citrine beads hang from a delicate lace created from the weaving of gold color seed beads. I wish the picture did it justice. It is even more beautiful in person. Aside from beautiful jewelry, Tiff also paints, draws, and makes the most beautiful pastels that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. I will have to show one of her pastels soon. I am sure she would be glad to show you samples of her art work if you request it via e-mail.