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The JRB Exhibits the work of Leslie Lienau

Afternoon Splendor by Leslie Lienau
The most wonderful part about being a member of the Edmond Art Association is meeting master artists like Leslie Liennau. By means of pastels or oil paints she creates stunning works of art that have adorned the walls of private and public buildings such as Governor’s Gallery at the Oklahoma Capitol and the American Art in Miniature Show at the Gilcrease Museum.

Aleene by Leslie Lienau
Her artistic studies with Ted Seth at his school in Central France have helped Leslie to developed strong techniques and the ability to create light and depth from a blank, flat surface, bringing to life portraits, rich still-lifes, and splendid landscapes.

Flow Blue by Leslie Lienau
Leslie is a contemporary master artist by all definitions, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to view her work at the JRB at the Elms in the Paseo District during the next Art Walk on July 2nd. I’d kindly advice that you not miss out on this great experience for the eyes and the hear…

Send Samantha Lamb to Holland

Along the Peach of Her Neck photograph by Samantha Lamb
For a while now (since I saw her work appear in the OVAC magazine) I’ve admired the work of the beautiful Samantha Lamb. Her work is just as sweet and lovely as her name. Her photographs are perfect little glimpses of her hushed adventures at the Early Bird Acres, emphasizing all the modest, tiny things that make life so very grand. Her talent is in her ability to play with light and color to creating still-life compositions with an almost ethereal appearance.

Honey and Harmanicas, photograph by Samantha Lamb
With her photographs Sam takes us to wonderful luscious fields, lets us smell the scents of wild flowers and feel the dew on our feet as she walks us through airy spring pastures.

Amelia Mae photograph by Samantha Lamb Now it is our turn to help Samantha get where she has dreamt of going. She has been given the opportunity to show her lovely series “The Perpetual Picnic” in HOLLAND. We can do so by purchasing some of her art work…

Analog Girl Art: Brooke Rowlands at DNA Gallery

Collage with Magnolias by Brooke Rowlands

Collage with Magnolias by Brooke Rowlands
As I’ve mentioned before, Oklahoma has wonderful artists, some native to our plains, others, like Brooke Rowlands, have transplanted themselves into our precious red dirt. Brooke has made Oklahoma her home since 2002, after a move from New Jersey and we are grateful that she has brought with her her wonderful talent and creativity, along with her personal experiences from the places she’s lived. Her technique and style are dynamic, which she applies to create fantastical worlds using painting and collage work while playing with realistic and graphic elements. Brooke draws inspiration from artists that she admires and loves. Her appreciation of Georgia O’Keefe’s larger than life flowers is whispered in her Collage with Magnolias, shown above.
She’s taken her enjoyment of Bob Ross’s happy-tree-filled landscapes and created lyrical landscapes of her own, as in the solemn and poetic landscape shown below. Mixe…

Miramar Beach, Florida

Seascape, Miramar Beach 4”x6” Oil on Linen Panel