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Showing posts from March 29, 2009

Tracey Harris

I love the excitement that comes with an artist's opening show. Friday night during the Paseo Art Walk, the JRB is exhibiting a wonderful artist--well, many artists, but one I am really looking forward to meeting is Tracey Harris. As you can see she has an immense amount of talent, great eye for detail, and her compositions to perfection. Not only does she have a great ability to mimic reality on canvas that is admirable, but also motion that makes you want to react to fallen fruit. Plus, she has exquisite taste in music. She is also a Eleni Mandell fan, who, as I have mentioned before, I just absolutely love! I hope you come to the JRB and see Tracey. If you do not have the chance to do so, take a look at her work at the JRB’s website or on her site. Tracey Harris

There is a Little Light at the End of a Painting Session

I am so happy. This is my recent oil painting of roses. It is on an 8X10" canvas. I am absolutely nowhere near where I hope to be, but at least there are darks and somewhat lights.

Respect Diversity Symbol Exhibit Gala

These art works are from the Respect Diversity Symbol Exhibit Gala To learn about projects of the Respect Diversity Foundation visit:; write to: or call: 405/359-0369. The exhibition is composed of work from schools all over Oklahoma. I am particularly proud of this one. I have the great privilege of assisting Gail Sloop with her Honors Art after school program at Sequoyah Elementary School. The artists, which include Ezri, my nine year-old daughter, are third to fifth graders with a great imagination.
This is detail of the A Seat for Rosa, by the students at Geary School in honor of Rosa Park’s refusal to give up her seat which began the movement for equality. I love the quote "Everyone smiles in the same language." My children are very talented young people. My other daughter, Alexia goes to Harding Fine Arts in Oklahoma City, so this one also has a special connection.

Thank You

I was very honored by a wonderful artist recently. Liz Holm has graciouslybestow upon me A Passion for Painting Award, created by Kim Ratigan. I am one of the many who follow Liz’s blog and who are inspired by her work. Thank you Liz for the honor and inspiration. Like most great honors this one comes with a couple of responsibilities. It requires the recipient to list 7 things we love, and to pass the award along to another 7 passionate painters. So, here I go… Seven things I love (not necessarily in this order)…
1. Of course, spending time with my family and friends;
2. My sketchbook;
3. My easel my sister gave me for my birthday. It is beautiful. I really love the days that I get to actually use it.
4. My velvet envelope that has the cards I have received from my husband and my girls;
5. A card with Snow White on the front that I received from my aunt Victoria when I was 10;
6. Flowers of all kinds, but especially orchids and any pink flower, ooh and pink orchids, just absolutely make my…