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Showing posts from December 6, 2009

Sharing a Slice of a Yummy Day!

Life is wonderful! I had a great day at school today. The kids were specially good and created beautiful work. I had my committee meeting and it went pretty well. Woo! Alexia had her guitar concert at Harding Fine Art and everyone sounded like heaven. It is an awesome program that they are growing at the school. WSe are very fortunate that she attends school there! For icing on this incredibly yummy cake, I get home and find out I was the winner of a drawing. I won a glorious enameled ring created by Danielle Embry, an artist whose work I absolutely love!
Danielle’s work has appeared in publishing such as Metalsmith, Exhibition in Print and 500 Enameled Objects. She uses natural objects as her inspiration, but her genius shows in her way of portraying them in contemporary designs. It is as though the eyes and mind dance between the familiar organic items that they’ve seen before and something that is alien or fantastical.
I wanted to share with you my great news! I love to hear yours. X…