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Showing posts from July 19, 2009

Alexia's Quiceañera

I thought that I would let you know what I have been up to. These are party favors. My intention is to incorporate traditional latin traditions with other things that we so much heart.
I loved these silk fans. At first I thought they were paper, and that is why I wanted to paint the flowers on them. I am glad they are not paper because I had a hard time with the paint spreading. It would have been worse if they had been paper. I am still very pleased with them.

I made 100 of these cones (with Ezri and Alexia's help), but it is the letters that is taking me longer than I expected. I like that they are all different, though. They look a little brighter in real life.

This is my beautiful niece, Zinnia. She did not want to take the photo since she had just woken up after staying up all night talking and laughing with Alexia. She cannot take a bad photo, no matter how little sleep she's had.
There are six green dresses for the damas, they play the role of bride's maids, for the Qui…