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Every Artist was First an Amateur: a quote by Ralph W. Emerson

Strawberry, I 4"x5" Oil on Linen SOLD These are such encouraging words, especially when I feel that I am not making fast enough progress. I am very impatient—more with myself than anything else.
Let me start from the beginning—sort of. My girls and I went to some Edmond antique shops a couple of days ago. I was looking for props for my paintings particularly a silver vase. I want to practice painting metal on canvas. Within the area are a couple of very good art galleries. The first one we visited was the Dean-Lively Gallery, which sits comfortable between some little shops. There we enjoyed seeing work by Pat Harris (on Thursday, July 9th, the gallery will host an artist reception for Harris) and other very talented artists.
The second one was the Shadid Fine Art Gallery, where I saw some of Timothy Rose’s wonderful art work. It is much lovelier in person than the photos on the site show. Below is a photo of the girls in front of the gallery. Oh, I had to take one of Ezri wi…

Absolutely Beautiful Inspiration................... from Anna Spiro

Soft Pink Roses from Spiro, Oil on Linen 8”X10” $168
I believe I have shared with you my love for interior design. I love textiles. I am fascinated with the history of furniture styles. I enjoy seeing collections of items from different cultures make an interesting design. My favorite thing is the creative use of art to create a home. One of my favorite blogs on Interior design is Absolutely Beautiful Things. It is just that. In it Anna Spiro, a designer from Brisbane Australia, shares with us her record of inspirational items.
I saw the photo below of the loveliest pink roses. I was so thrilled when Spiro allowed me to use the photo for a painting. I had great fun painting it, but I will have to try it again to show the softness that the roses have and more contrast. I hope you enjoy it and that you visit her blog. You will be inspired by all things lovely.