Jun 3, 2014


Hydrangeas in Glass Vase,  Oil on 4"x8" Linen Panel

Residence in Durham, New Hampshire
I received he flowers on these paintings from my gardener friend, Judith Miracle. She asked me to take part with her in a floral design show. Although I did with a bit of fear, as I had never done anything like that before, she helped me be brave. I took a bunch of flowers and props I use for my oil paintings. I was honored with the Petite Award for one of my small arrangements and I couldn't have been happier. Judith was so generous with her lovely flowers from the show and gave them ALL to me. I have several other paintings on the works in which I try my best to do them justice. 
Pink Hydrangeas in Crystal,  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Durham, New Hampshire
Strawberry Trio,  Oil on 4"x4" Linen Panel



  1. Fruit, flowers, lots of flowers, with blue and white china are what make me happy in a painting.

  2. Old English houses with rambling rose gardens, green countryside, mountain lakes. Jo

  3. Love your flowers, but I also love the fruits,like the strawberries and the mini pumpkins! They are all good!

  4. Love the strawberries and hydrangeas! So lovely! I agree with Jenni, blue and white china, old wood, soft colors speak to me.

    1. Cathrine, congratulations!!!! You are the winner of the strawberry painting. Please, contact me with to let me know where you would like your painting to be shipped. My email address is CarolinaElizabeth at Cox.net

  5. Hydrangeas! And strawberries, and blue & white china...

  6. I just noticed the strawberries have a person in the back ground.
    But you can hardly notice him.