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Showing posts from May 17, 2009

Paseo Arts Festival

Oklahoma Landscape III 1"x 2" Acrylic on linen 18"SS, $225

Notice the beautiful day in Oklahoma. It is the same type of sky I tried to capture in the Oklahoma landscape pendant above. One of my favorite things about Oklahoma are the open clear skies.
I was very honored to have been invited to exhibit some of my jewelry at Sheridan's gallery, A Jeweler's Art, which looked absolutely fabulous. I posted some of her work below. I am so proud of the work that she has done, both business-wise and her artistic skills.

White Rose Oil on linen 1 1/3"x 1 3/4"
19" SS, Peridot $240

Still-life with Camelia Leaves Oil on Linen 1”x1”
19” chain, SS, Faceted Citrine $190

Wild Rose Oil on Linen 1"x2" SS with 14kg bead
19" SS Chain with Aquamarine and Blue Sapphire $235

To create the necklaces above, I make small linen plaster canvases. Once the painting is dried, I make the silver bezel to compliment the subject. Precious and semi-precious gems are added to t…

A Busy Weekend Painting

Hydrangeas I Oil on Canvas 6"X8"

Pink Roses III Oil on Canvas 6"X8"

The following paintings are tiny oil on linen canvas that I made. They are intended to be portable art-pendants. I have to get my metalsmith tools out and make some bezels for them. I can't wait. The large ones are 1 1/2" in diameter. My favorite are the miniature Oklahoma landscapes.

On my easel right now... I have been working on painting a ballerina slipper for Alexis (Alexia's friend). I cannot seem to be able to darken the peaches (or any pinks on anything for that matter) without going too bright (if I add red) or too muddy if I try to darken it with other colors. If any of you have a trick or know a helpful starter fomula, I would really appreciate it if you pass along to me.