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Showing posts from December 7, 2014

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."

I hope your Autumn has been a lovely one and that winter plans are going smoothly.
As most likely it is for you, things have been busy and just when I am ready for a break something happens that puts a wrench in my plans. This time it was a strange damage to my wrist along bruising to my arm, which I am still not sure how I did it, but my thoughts are that it was all due to my raging war on the squirrels. I've been waiting to plant Rembrandt tulips, but every time I plant them, the bulbs are enjoyed instead by the squirrels. So, I purchase metal netting that was denser and stronger than chicken wire. So, I had to cut out the pieces, pull wire out in some places to form holes, so the plants would peak out of them and fold them down on the sides. I remember my hand hurting then, but I finished the job. A couple of days later, I started to feel the pain and the bruises started moving along the side of my arm. YUCK! It feels much better now and I am able to sit and paint without much p…