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Showing posts from May 26, 2013

Summer To-Do List

I imagine to-do lists are supposed to get smaller as you work, but mine seems to be getting longer the more I work. It's made up of little chores around the house and projects that I've had on my mind for a while. Oh course, I have visited my favorite sites (Pinterest is probably tired of me), blogs (my favorites include My French Country Home and A Country Farm House).  Oh, to add to my To-Do list, I have to figure out why my photos are not showing true color on my blog. It's been a pain because they show up well on eBay and on Daily Paint Works. I am confused. If you have any idea how to fix that I would love to scratch that off my list. THANK YOU!!!!

Oklahoma Proud

Here in Oklahoma, we are used to the winds blowing, and even when they beat us around a bit  (sometimes a lot), we are strong and together we get up again and get moving.  I live about 40 minutes from where this past week a tornado rolled over the town of Moore. It was like most Spring days in that we stay weather-alert and have our things ready for when we need to jump into our storm shelter, but this time things just felt so different. Even the kids at work were acting a bit more jittery than most tornado warning days.  I know this time we were one of the fortunate ones and the tornadoes didn't head our direction, but we still ache for the people of Moore who lost their homes, businesses, and mostly those who lost loved ones.  When something like this moves you to the core so drastically, it tends to remind you how fragile we are and how the things we have are so temporary... enjoy them. Aside from hugging and telling those I love that I LOVE THEM, I found myself enjoying my ro…