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Oil Painting: showing a bit more improvement

Cherry I Oil on Canvas 6"X8"
Lemon I Oil on Canvas 6"X8"
I think I have gone full circle. When I was growing up all I wanted to be was an art teacher. In fact, when I started at school at OU, I wanted to major in Art Education, but they did not have that there. So, I thought I would get my degree in Fine Art. Then I changed it to photography. That was way too dark for me. I need lots of light. When I went to UCO I changed my major to Interior Design. At the time I was working at the Fabric Factory in Oklahoma City and some of the interior designers would mention that I had a knack for the field. Plus, working with my parents at their upholstery shop I knew textiles, furniture styles, and had measurements down. Anyways, I loved the history of interior design, and even enjoyed the regulations part of it. I detested the drafting part-which is pretty big for interior designers. After a year of drafting it was all I could take. I changed my studies for the last time back …