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...and One Thing Lead to Another: Anna Maria Horner

Pear and Blue Oil on Linen Panel 5"x7" SOLD
It's a couple of years now and I wanted to take a little time for thank you’s to all the women that inspire me in this creative journey I have taken up. They are an encouraging reminder of the full life one can have as a mom, wife and artist/entrepreneur. They show that one can have her cake and eat, too.
For starters, let me say that the first blog I ever read was that of Kim Miles.
Glass Beads by Kim Miles
Bead Magazine some fabulous torch fire glass beads that seem to hold the most beautiful pink roses inside. So, I Googled her name to see what else this brilliant person was creating, and there she was, sharing with us her gift in her blog. She even has a small tutorial on her site to show us how she creates these small gems.
Still, I didn’t think to write a blog. I got a new sewing machine instead, thanks to another friend who was also very inspirational and taught me a lot about sewing. She introduced me to GOOD quilting fa…