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Showing posts from October 23, 2011

Tiny Gifts

I enjoy painting still lives partly because I LOVE TO PAINT, but also because I enjoy looking staring at all things in nature. Leaves, flowers (all flowers), birds, insects and even clouds. I could stare at clouds all day. Well, my lovely family indulges me with tiny gifts that they find out on their walks. So, when I come desk, I find flowers (some of which I have planted), leaves that are changing colors, insects that lived their last day (they have to have lived their last day before they are allowed to collect them as my specimen (or props for still lifes), and more recently feathers. I have many beautiful iridescent feathers that turkeys leave behind as they walk through our backyard in the mornings. The painting above is of a feather my husband left on my desk. This picture doesn't show off the turquoise in the feathers as much as it does in person, sorry.