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My Favorite Things Part II: More Books- Chanel

My absolute favorite things to paint are pink roses. This obsession is seen in my yard also. This year however, the few roses that bloomed were due to a pure miracle and lots of garlic chopping. See, bunnies decided to take over my garden. In fact, in the middle of one of my flower beds a bunny decided to make a hole for its home and have its babies right there. In the mornings the rose bushes would be eaten nearly to the ground. At first, I thought "It has to be those deer, or maybe those slugs." Never thinking it was the sweet, fluffy bunnies, but then I caught them in action. 
     Everything we do on our lawn is organic, so I went to Wholefoods and purchased some organic deer and bunny "repellent". The next morning, there was a rabbit sitting on top of the "repellent" I had poured around the roses the evening before and he/she was enjoying the taste of my roses. 
     In desperation I went to the experts and found out that rabbits are not too fond…