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The Winds of Change

Still Life with Chanel No.5 and Rose,  Oil on 6"x6"Linen Panel
Private Collection in Pearland, Tx

For most of my life my weight has fluctuated some. I've tried many things--some intelligent, others not so much. However, nothing ever stuck. Right after I turned 39, I decided it was now or never and that I would research and find out what healthy, doable changes I could make that would stick. After I worked and saw 28 pounds come off in 4 months ( through a healthy limiting of calories, eating more raw fruits and vegetables and jogging for 45 minutes a day---everyday), I realize that I needed more information. I need this for myself and my family, because I want them to be healthy also--not a weight issue, just a full, healthy life thing. So, I am headed back to school to become a registered dietitian. It is scary--time, tuition, sacrifices, etc. However, it's one of those "if I don't do it, I will regret it" type things.This means, that I will paint fo…