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Showing posts from February 14, 2010

Oil Paintings in January

Monarch Butterfly and Egg, Oil on Linen Panel, 6"x6"
I read recently that painting an egg was one of the hardest things to paint and that supposedly, the it was the test for old master painters. That means I should practice painting an egg, if ever I want to be considered a painter of some kind one day. This is my first actual go at it. The butterfly was inspired by the French movie, The Butterfly. It is a wonderfully sweet movie. Among other loves, it is about a man’s fascination with the Isabel butterfly. He collects butterfly of all kinds and you see the walls of his apartment decorated in the butterfly trapped behind glass in picture frames. I would not dare purchase or capture a butterfly for decoration, so I gathered some old photos and painted one. The egg is of course from the OSU-OKC farmer’s market.

Peonies in Glass Vase, Oil on linen panel 4"x6"

Pear on Slate Tile, Oil on Linen Panel, 5"x7"

The Peonies and the pear paintings are a donation for an a…