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Showing posts from March 1, 2015

Is it Spring Yet?

This year, I have several hundreds of little things to be awaiting impatiently-- I have taken beekeeping class this winter and will soon be venturing at taking good care of a couple of hives.
* Please, note that due to inclement weather, paintings will be shipped up to 10 days (instead of the usual 5) after the auction has ended, so that they may be shipped one days with the best possible weather conditions. 
My anticipation for Spring time grows even stronger it seems as the days get colder. I understand that it is so very selfish to complain about our cold Oklahoma weather and our bits of snow and ice here and there seeing how bad friends to the east of the country have had it this winter. However, on this very selfish note, I  miss the warm weather, flowers in the garden and leaves covering our naked trees. I miss flip flops and the winds that smell of sweet grass. I even miss arguing with the darn bunny that has made its home in the center of my little flower bed.