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Confession: My Greatest Weakness

Pear Still Life, III 4”x6” Oil on Linen Panel Sold
Still Life of Pear Half, 6”x6” Oil on Linen Panel SOLD
Peony Still Life, III 6”x8” Oil on Linen Panel
Mango Still Life, 4”x6” Oil on Linen Panel NFS

I have been painting up a storm. Not always a good storm, but I’ve worked out a few problems. The top paintings are of a pear. It shows what a difference a background makes. I love that blue background on the first. It is the color that I painted my laundry room. The painting of the pear half I found to be very difficult. I just couldn’t get the right colors for the meat of the pear. They were both still fun to paint. The peony is one that I purchased from A Date with Iris (great flowers and art; you should visit). I love peonies, but I do find them challenging to paint. I love how the blue background came out on this one.
Okay, so now to my weakness. I have many, starting with chocolate, but by far my greatest is MANGO. I am very allergic to this oh so very delicious treat, but I have learne…

My Art in Oklahoma

You can now view my paintings at A Date with Iris. Andrea McMillan told me about this beautifully charming little flower shop on Western Ave. I went and fell in love. You can find gifts (including oil paintings by me) and the most exquisite flowers you've ever seen.
My jewelry is found at A Jeweler's Art in the Paseo Art's District. Next week I will include more dangly enameled jewelry.