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The three paintings above are in celebration of my three new goals.
          It feels as though it's been years since I've picked up a paintbrush, but I've been working on other goals that I made myself before I turn 40 (this coming November). Before I turned 35 I promised myself three things:
1. Learn to paint with oils
2. Attain my alternative certification for teaching
3. Buy the house we would call home for as long as possible.
Number 2 didn't take as long as I thought. In fact, this is my 5th year of teaching. Number 3 took longer, but after two years of searching, we found it. This February will be our third year in the home we call our dream home. It sits on almost 3 1/2 acres that we enjoy every season.
I am still working on number one, but your kind visits to my blog to read about my painting journey and those of you that have chosen my artwork to add to your collections, make me feel so very honored and accomplished- Thank you!
          So, I thought it w…