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Linda Kukuk demonstrating for the EAA

I have been looking for a way to volunteer in the evenings. When I put out the request for volunteers for the Edmond Art Association Board, I decided I couldn’t send out requests without taking part myself. I now have the honor of announcing that I will be the president for the association for 2010. It is a wonderful organization with great opportunity for all artists.
I first heard of the organization by Tim Rose (I shared some of his work in a past post) when he was doing a demonstration for EAA. The demonstration was impacted with invaluable information on oil painting techniques as he went through his painting process.
This January 26th will be our first demonstration. Linda Kukuk will be demonstrating how she uses claybord (Ampersand Aqua Board) to create striking works of art.
Linda is a self-taught artist with over forty years of experience working primarily in two media – watercolor on paper and scratchwork on claybord. She is inspired by her Choctaw heritage and her experiences…