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My Favorite Things Part II: More Books- Chanel

More About Chanel,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Pearland, Texas
      My absolute favorite things to paint are pink roses. This obsession is seen in my yard also. This year however, the few roses that bloomed were due to a pure miracle and lots of garlic chopping. See, bunnies decided to take over my garden. In fact, in the middle of one of my flower beds a bunny decided to make a hole for its home and have its babies right there. In the mornings the rose bushes would be eaten nearly to the ground. At first, I thought "It has to be those deer, or maybe those slugs." Never thinking it was the sweet, fluffy bunnies, but then I caught them in action. 
     Everything we do on our lawn is organic, so I went to Wholefoods and purchased some organic deer and bunny "repellent". The next morning, there was a rabbit sitting on top of the "repellent" I had poured around the roses the evening before and he/she was enjoying the taste of my roses. 
     In desperation I went to the experts and found out that rabbits are not too fond of the smell of garlic. So, to chopping garlic I went. Half of summer I spent with the smell of garlic (and probably oil paints) sipped into my finger tips. The odorous sacrifice is well worth it since roses are finally blooming again. It's hard to feel guilty about keeping the bunnies away since they have over 3 acres to enjoy. 
     Next year white and yellow roses will be added. Variety is needed and after all, roses of all colors are gorgeous.
Sketch of Pink Roses II,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
Private Collection in Ecorse, MI


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