Mar 14, 2014

Having Mail Troubles

Roses in Glass Vase and Petals,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
Private Residence in Sydney, Australia
        It has been brought to my attention that some of you may not be getting my e-mail updates, and several thought I was no longer posting or creating new work. As I was becoming more and more puzzled by the problem, I received an e-mail from another artist that said that he was also having a hard time and that Blogger was not planning on continuing the maintenance of the service.
       After a bit of help from a wonder IT friend, I was advice to use the MailChimp service. It would be an honor if you would please sign up to e-mail updates using the new sign up on the top right hand corner.
As I receive your request for subscription from MailChimp, I will remove you from the Blogger service that you signed up previously. I am so sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for you kind visits to my blog.
       Please, give me a couple of weeks to get this all figured out and all the names deleted from the old mailing list. THANK YOU.


  1. Dear Carolina, Thank you so much for visiting The Arts by Karena. I must say I love the still life paintings of yours in the old world style. many I have pinned to my board Art I Adore if you would like to take a look. If you are interested I would like to feature you and your work on my site in the near future.

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Awww, Karena! Thank you! You are so kind to do that! Many hugs! Carolina