Oct 7, 2012

Traveling via Paintings

German Pitcher and Clementines,  Oil on  5"x7"   Linen PanelSold
There is this wonderful shop near our home that sells cheese from around the world. Right now, my favorite is Caña de Oveja, a deliciously creamy sheep cheese from Spain. 

I also purchased the blue and white pitcher  from Leah. Like most things that I love, I want to make captures of them in paint. The blue and white always tempt me to draw something orange or gold. It must have something to do with Boutlet's little discovery.     

As far as the roses go, I have been frantically taking photos of all the roses I can find, anticipating cold weather and the long rest of my rose bushes.
Caña de Oveja with Figs, Oil on  5"x7"   Linen Panel
Pink Rose in Porcelain Vase, Oil on  4"x6"   Linen Panel


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    1. Thank you, Chloe for your kind words and your lovely visit. I have visited your sweet blog with the wonderful photos and love it very much. Please, visit again. Carolina E.