Jun 23, 2010

Analog Girl Art: Brooke Rowlands at DNA Gallery

Collage with Magnolias by Brooke Rowlands

Collage with Magnolias by Brooke Rowlands
As I’ve mentioned before, Oklahoma has wonderful artists, some native to our plains, others, like Brooke Rowlands, have transplanted themselves into our precious red dirt. Brooke has made Oklahoma her home since 2002, after a move from New Jersey and we are grateful that she has brought with her her wonderful talent and creativity, along with her personal experiences from the places she’s lived.
Her technique and style are dynamic, which she applies to create fantastical worlds using painting and collage work while playing with realistic and graphic elements. Brooke draws inspiration from artists that she admires and loves. Her appreciation of Georgia O’Keefe’s larger than life flowers is whispered in her Collage with Magnolias, shown above.
She’s taken her enjoyment of Bob Ross’s happy-tree-filled landscapes and created lyrical landscapes of her own, as in the solemn and poetic landscape shown below.
Mixed Media Landscape by Brooke Rowlands

On July 9th, you can see Brooke Rowlands’s work during her solo show at the oh so very eccentric DNA Gallery in the Plaza District. I am so eager to stroll down Plaza and see what art I can get my little, paint dabbed hands on. I will, of course, have to visit the DNA Gallery to see Brooke’s work. I hope to see you there.
BirdBye by Brooke Rowlands

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