Jun 24, 2010

Send Samantha Lamb to Holland

Along the Peach of Her Neck photograph by Samantha Lamb
For a while now (since I saw her work appear in the OVAC magazine) I’ve admired the work of the beautiful Samantha Lamb. Her work is just as sweet and lovely as her name. Her photographs are perfect little glimpses of her hushed adventures at the Early Bird Acres, emphasizing all the modest, tiny things that make life so very grand. Her talent is in her ability to play with light and color to creating still-life compositions with an almost ethereal appearance.

Honey and Harmanicas, photograph by Samantha Lamb
With her photographs Sam takes us to wonderful luscious fields, lets us smell the scents of wild flowers and feel the dew on our feet as she walks us through airy spring pastures.

Amelia Mae photograph by Samantha Lamb
Now it is our turn to help Samantha get where she has dreamt of going. She has been given the opportunity to show her lovely series “The Perpetual Picnic” in HOLLAND. We can do so by purchasing some of her art work from her charming online shop Samantha Lamb Photography. For six more days fromt he date of this post, she will give a 20% off of everything for orders over $30. Just type in the code peachtulip (all lowercase). You will find wonderful artwork, postcards to remind your friends how glorious Oklahoma really is, or beautiful books to admire. They are all tiny pieces of heaven.
Hand Churned Butter photograph by Samantha Lamb

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  1. What beautiful lips and the colors in her photos are indeed beautiful.:)