Oct 10, 2010

The Internet Rocks!!!

Roses Still Life, Oil on Linen Panel 5"x7"SOLD.
I know it’s cheesy and obvious, but sometimes I have to stop and be grateful for all those geniuses that made the internet possible for the rest of us. Without the internet, my year and half journey into oil painting would have been a lot more frustrating and not as interesting. It is through my Google searches and one link leading to another that I’ve found artist that, not only inspired me, but have been so generous as to share their experiences and techniques with me. Through the internet I’ve met local contemporary artists like Leslie Lienau, Anne Spoon, and Carla Anglada that have been very encouraging and informative artists whom I’ve also had the lovely pleasure of meeting in person, and whose friendships I cherish.

Then, there are those artists far away and around the world who have blogs and websites loaded with life times of resources. These include, but of course not limited to Henk Helmantel and Julian Merrow-Smith whose art is astonishing and have years of experimenting with their medium and yet, they graciously share all this with us via the web.

Through eBay, I’ve been honored by having art patrons from New York, Texas, South and North Carolina, California, and other states purchase my work and I have the privilege of having my artwork adorn the walls of patrons in France, England, Australia, and Holland. Without the internet, this would not have been possible.

I feel very lucky that I have all these resources at hand. So, internet inventors, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plum, Oil on Linen Panel 5"x7"

Two Figs Still Life, Oil on Linen Panel 4"x6"
The figs in these paintings, I also was able through the help online friends, like Timothy Ryan. I posted on my Facebook page that I was on the hunt for figs. Friends posted places in the area where I could find them. These were purchsed at Foward Foods in OKC. I was also surprised to find out that fig trees can grow well in Oklahoma. YAY!
Fig, Oil on Linen on Panel 4"x6"


  1. Well all your work is fabulous.
    Have you tried doing larger pieces?

  2. Thank you so much. You are so kind to continue to visit my clumsy blog.

    No, I haven’t tried larger paintings as of yet. I have little time to paint, and I like to feel at the end of the week that I’ve accomplished something, so I limit the sixe of my canvas. I have ordered larger canvas, though. The largest being 8"x10". I still am being challenged and enjoy painting small, though. I work small, being a jeweler/metalsmith challenges me to get everything I want in a small amount of space and I love the challenge.

  3. Love these! In my small world, with only small spaces, these are the perfect size. I shall have to watch for one that is MINE!