Sep 5, 2010

When Life is Better Than Your Dreams

Pink Zinnia with Bowl, 4"x6" Oil on linen panel
SoldThis post is dedicated to the love of family. In fact, the zinnia in the painting above is from my mother's garden.
I believe I've mentioned my visit to a local used book store where I found a task/secretary chair that I fell in love with and thought it would be the perfect studio chair. I fell so hard for that chair that for the first time in my life I had, not one, but two dreams about The Chair, of all things. Anyways, I asked the book store owner if she was willing to sell it. She, of course said "no," since she also loved the chair so.

Robert and my parents, who always work hard at making my dreams come true, helped me search the world over for this task/secretary/soon-to-be-studio chair. Robert searched the overwhelming virtual thrift store, also known to some as the World Wide Web; my parents asked some of their clients and searched actual thrift stores; and I would stop and glance at garage sales and nearby antique shops hoping to spot The Chair. People would tell me "Oh, I just sold one just like that." I don't even know how many times I heard that.

before........................... after
After several months of hunting and hoping, here it is. On my way to drop off Ezri and Sparkles (the class pet she was watching for the weekend) I saw some metal legs with casters sticking out of a pile of junk from in front of a house. Since I was on the other side of the street I didn't get a good look, but my heart knew that was My Chair--My Soon-to-be-Studio Chair. So, I drove the torturous 25 miles per hour school zone speed for two whole blocks until I dropped off Ezri and her little friend at the school. My heart raced as I drove back the same awful 25mph speed, just knowing that someone else would see The Chair and know that it was just what they were looking for also. I never even stopped to think of what the hidden, yet important part of the chair looked like.

I think I heard angels sing and light beaming from the pile of unwanted items as I grabbed the metal legs with casters and there it was in all its glory...THE CHAIR. I love it so very much! It got new paint and a whole new outfit to boot, made by your's truly from a piece of leather my dad gave me. It is perfect! Family is wonderful!

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  1. It was meant to be.... Sent from the universe for you