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Rembrandt Tulips in Glass Vase, Oil on Linen Panel 5"x7"
So, when can an artist call themselves an artist? Is when they draw the first picture and someone else recognizes what it is? Is it when they are called "artist" by their peers? Is it when they’ve developed “their own” style? Or maybe when they have a “real” studio? How about when they sell their first artwork; or better yet, when they have their first sold out solo exhibit, in New York, Venice, Florence, or Paris? I don’t think it’s the art degree that gives someone the right to call themselves an artist, but then what do I know?

I have never really called myself an artist out loud. I’ve called myself a decorative painter, a muralist, a ceramicist, a jewelry maker, and even an art teacher. So, lately I was wondering, "How old will I be when I can call myself an artist?" After days of asking my soul a million questions, I came to a conclusion: I’ve been an artist since the day I was born.

This is not because I am a great potter, or a detailed jeweler, or even a good painter. It is because the act of creating something with my hands makes me absolutely happy. It is because all the tools, rituals and processes of making something beautiful get me so excited that some nights I have to get up to do it, because the excitement won’t let me sleep. It is because just the word “art” all by itself makes my heart skip a beat and my mind hungers to learn of others who are or have been affected by the word in the same way as I have been. It is for these reasons that I can say out loud…
When did you first call yourself an artist?


  1. Hi Carolina, I just found this blog by doing some blog-hopping! Excellent paintings! I do not know when I first called myself an artist, maybe the day I decided to go full-time?

  2. Your work expresses your heart for sharing beauty~ most wonderfully!
    From one happy-art-girl to another...
    Go for it!

    Just like anything else...
    new levels... always.
    A creative mind is a blessing...
    stays active!

  3. An artist has golden hands and a golden heart and you seem to fit the
    Happy expressive keen.
    I expect great things from you:)
    I also loved art from my childhood but I also thought you had to wait till some one calls you one or you finish some kind of art course.
    But you don't need anyone to tell you who you are. The good thing about life is that you can be anyone you want to be at any time.
    A perfect example are the movie actors. Are they not all artists playing many roles?

  4. It's difficult, takes confidence of some sort, to call ourselves artists. I think I've only begun announcing it lately with some more confidence in myself.
    Yes, indeed, you are. :)

  5. Yes you are! Your flowers are magnificent, and I love your collage painting! Wow. You're doing some great work, Carolina Elizabeth.

  6. You absolutely are an artist, a terrific one at that!

  7. Lately, I've had some extra time, which is absolutely rare for me. Anyways, someone had mentioned they liked this post and so I went back and read it. Thank you, ladies again for your beautiful words of encouragement. I admire each one of you, which makes your words mean even more. Thank you!


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