May 23, 2009

Paseo Arts Festival

Oklahoma Landscape III 1"x 2" Acrylic on linen 18"SS, $225

Notice the beautiful day in Oklahoma. It is the same type of sky I tried to capture in the Oklahoma landscape pendant above. One of my favorite things about Oklahoma are the open clear skies.
I was very honored to have been invited to exhibit some of my jewelry at Sheridan's gallery, A Jeweler's Art, which looked absolutely fabulous. I posted some of her work below. I am so proud of the work that she has done, both business-wise and her artistic skills.

White Rose Oil on linen 1 1/3"x 1 3/4"
19" SS, Peridot $240

Still-life with Camelia Leaves Oil on Linen 1”x1”
19” chain, SS, Faceted Citrine $190

Wild Rose Oil on Linen 1"x2" SS with 14kg bead
19" SS Chain with Aquamarine and Blue Sapphire $235

To create the necklaces above, I make small linen plaster canvases. Once the painting is dried, I make the silver bezel to compliment the subject. Precious and semi-precious gems are added to the chains for the continuation of color. You are able to purchase these at A Jeweler's Art in Paseo.

These beautiful earrings are part of Sheridan's collection, along with the other two photos below. She has better photos on her website,

This Becky Mannschreck next to one of my favorite works of hers. I truly wish my photos were better-I am working on that. You should really go to the festival tomorrow or Monday and see her work in its true light.


  1. I'm excited for you, having your work in a gallery is very nice. I love the miniatures - I too love those wispy clouds on a brilliant blue day.

  2. Very beautiful work.
    I love painting on linen and on silk.

  3. I love your pendants! What patience and talent to paint such small and beautiful images! Love to see them in person some day!

  4. Your work is gorgeous! Hope the gallery is successful for you.

  5. Very beautiful work! I like the Oklahoma Landscape... so small but a real landscape!!

  6. these are very nice indeed. What is a plaster canvas?

  7. I make little “boards” out of plaster molds that I have created from large cabochons, buttons, or anything else that I thought was a great shape for pendants. I then place some linen on top with sizing. Gesso the whole canvas—top, sides, and bottoms.

    I put together a still life, and create my painting. After the painting is dried, I brush on an even coat of liquin and when that is dried I put 3 coats of varnish.

    The silver bezels I do last, so that they compliment each individual painting.

    Thank you for the visit. I hope you come again.