May 17, 2009

A Busy Weekend Painting

Hydrangeas I Oil on Canvas 6"X8"

Pink Roses III Oil on Canvas 6"X8"

The following paintings are tiny oil on linen canvas that I made. They are intended to be portable art-pendants. I have to get my metalsmith tools out and make some bezels for them. I can't wait. The large ones are 1 1/2" in diameter. My favorite are the miniature Oklahoma landscapes.

On my easel right now...
I have been working on painting a ballerina slipper for Alexis (Alexia's friend). I cannot seem to be able to darken the peaches (or any pinks on anything for that matter) without going too bright (if I add red) or too muddy if I try to darken it with other colors. If any of you have a trick or know a helpful starter fomula, I would really appreciate it if you pass along to me.


  1. You are so talented! I wish so badly I could paint!

  2. White shades are the most difficult mixed colour that is possible without going dirty; I think very clear turpentin and clean brushes after every stroke is most important to get clear white shadows near also clear light colours... Your 'badges' are really nice!

  3. I love the hydraengas. You captured them perfectly. I too like miniatures. I've never worked in oils but it looks fun.

  4. I always start with the color I need and then work either backward or forward.
    Like for the slipper, I might start with a white or I might start with a flesh color which is already tinted.Adding turpentine or linseed oil may thin it enough to get the shade you need as well.Sometimes in oils you require a few days to dry before adding another coat to get the shade you need.
    What you did here is very nice.:)