Mar 29, 2009

Thank You

I was very honored by a wonderful artist recently. Liz Holm has graciouslybestow upon me A Passion for Painting Award, created by Kim Ratigan. I am one of the many who follow Liz’s blog and who are inspired by her work. Thank you Liz for the honor and inspiration. Like most great honors this one comes with a couple of responsibilities. It requires the recipient to list 7 things we love, and to pass the award along to another 7 passionate painters. So, here I go…

Seven things I love (not necessarily in this order)…
1. Of course, spending time with my family and friends;
2. My sketchbook;
3. My easel my sister gave me for my birthday. It is beautiful. I really love the days that I get to actually use it.
4. My velvet envelope that has the cards I have received from my husband and my girls;
5. A card with Snow White on the front that I received from my aunt Victoria when I was 10;
6. Flowers of all kinds, but especially orchids and any pink flower, ooh and pink orchids, just absolutely make my heart melt; and
7. I love the look and hope that Spring gives, but I also look forward to the smells of Fall and the whole “cuddling up” that comes with it.

I'm sending the Passionate Painting Award on to 7 artists whose art work and skills I greatly admire:

Galina Nikolova
Atul Pande
Kim VanDerhoek
K. Henderson
R. Garriott
Mona Conner
Robin Cheers
Celeste Vaught (Yes, I know how to count, but it was hard enough to narrow it down from 10, so I couldn't do any more narrowing down. This is a list of artists that each have their own very unique style.

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  1. What a beautiful list, Caroline Elizabeth! You have wonderful "loves" and such a big heart. Also a wonderful list of artists to visit...