Apr 2, 2009

Tracey Harris

I love the excitement that comes with an artist's opening show. Friday night during the Paseo Art Walk, the JRB is exhibiting a wonderful artist--well, many artists, but one I am really looking forward to meeting is Tracey Harris. As you can see she has an immense amount of talent, great eye for detail, and her compositions to perfection. Not only does she have a great ability to mimic reality on canvas that is admirable, but also motion that makes you want to react to fallen fruit. Plus, she has exquisite taste in music. She is also a Eleni Mandell fan, who, as I have mentioned before, I just absolutely love! I hope you come to the JRB and see Tracey. If you do not have the chance to do so, take a look at her work at the JRB’s website or on her site. Tracey Harris


  1. I wish I lived closer to the art world. We have art here but not the same as you seem to. In the summers there are 1st Friday events which are held all over town - different restaurants, businesses, etc host artists works and you can go around and look at them. I was invited to join a group of ladies to show some work but chickened out. I may contact them this year if I can pull enough stuff together.

  2. good looking!.shadows are very nice!