Mar 4, 2009

Art vs. Craft

I just want to send a few questions out there and want to know what you think. Is there a fine line between art (as in fine art) and craft (as in hobby crafts)? What makes something a craft project and not art? Can a craft project ever be considered fine art? If so, who decides?
I always struggle with those questions. I have read alot on the subject, but all that just made me more confused and made me realize that there is no one answer. When an artist considered her/his work a hobby craft, a museum might consider it the best art they have ever seen and it is now worth $500,ooo. Is it the actual art, the material used, or the level of skill, amount of experience, or education of the artist that makes the difference?


  1. just a thought - I think of "crafts" as something anybody can do given the right amount of stickers/pre-cut shapes, and other assistance. For instance scrapbooking or painting ceramics. However, I believe some people truly take these to another level that becomes art which requires a personal ability to design/create something. The person who throws their own pots or sculpts a piece of clay is the one who creates art. I can do paper cutting from a pattern and create a craft, or I can create my own design and create art. It's not always that straight forward, but that's how I look at it. I do both, arts and crafts.

  2. That is a tough question. As we've always heard, "I don't know. I just know what I like."