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Giving up the title "Jack of all Trades"

I am working on giving up the title “Jack of All Trades” for the title of “Master of One”. It is something that I have discussed with other artists and understand that it is a common quandary for creative people. I have excluded some mediums that I decided were not for me—stained glass, glass blowing, iron work, screen printing, weaving, and a few others.
Now, I like to paint (oils, acrylics, and watercolor). I cannot give that up. I love the tools, attention to detail, and the processes of metalsmithing. I cannot give that up. I also sew. That is partly out of necessity. I make costumes for the girls. They always pick the strangest things to be for Halloween that I can’t just go out and buy it. So sewing stays. Plus, I like to give presents that are unique and made with each individual in mind.
I have developed a strategy for myself this year so that I could focus my energy that sounded great in theory; but as I got started I found it made things worse. I decided I would concentrate on jewelry making. I would get rid of anything that I would not use for jewelry/metalsmithing. This means I keep my tools, beads, kiln for metal clay, enamels, and all my precious metals. So I started to get rid of things that would not fall into those categories starting with my paints, and decided “nope, I can make paintings for pendants to go with my jewelry”. Then I thought “I can’t get rid of my glass because I have my kiln in which I can fuse glass for my necklaces”—I’ll have to show you what ideas I’ve got brewing with that. My ceramics tools and clay I must keep for making ceramic beads and pendants. So, I am back to square one.
Maybe there is something in between a Jack and a Master that I can be, because I am running out of space. If you have a better idea, please, share it with me. I really need it.


  1. I have this same problem. My first love is drawing so I have all the pencils, pens, erasers, paper,etc. Then I started watercolor and love that too. But I also took classes in beading and make some jewelry, mostly earrings. Then there was stamping, scrapbooking and even scrimshaw. I love papercutting (scherrenschnitte)and then I have crafts that I do with kids. I have tons of supplies for all my creative outlets, but I get pulled in so many directions because I want to devote time to all. Oh yeah, I also like to write and am working on a book. I have decided to pick my top 3 and concentrate on them. Writing, drawing, watercolor. That makes it much more managable.

  2. You know that I understand where you are coming from... I've narrowed my three down to sewing, quilting, and my greeting card line! My issue is absolutely not getting bored or wanting to give up variety, it is totally a question of space... I could fill 5,000 square feet in to time at all with the things I'd like to "try just one time"--my downfall is my motto... anything worth doing is worth overdoing.


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