Jul 17, 2009

While Taking a Break

I had in my mind to make some new items for my Etsy shop. I put the materials aside, but they kept "calling" to me. So I decided, while I took a break from sewing and painting, to make some jewelry. I have been having fun, but I think tonight, I will try to get some sleep.
Oh, and my sister was here visiting from SanAntonio with our favorite athlete (Sammy, number 3; scratch that, age 3). We had fun visiting a few antique shops in Bethany, Oklahoma and found lots of great items. I am looking for brouches for the damas (the girls that accompany the QuinceaƱera during the ceremony, kind of like the maids-of-honor during a wedding).
I AM SORRY. I have not kept up with the art event happenings lately, or the artist wanted postings. I will get back on the ball come September. My goal is to showcase a different artist every Friday. If you want to be showcased, I would need an e-mail stating the fact, a couple of photos (I can download from your site, with your permission), and contact information. If you would like me to mention something specifically, please, let me know and I would gladly do it. Thank you to those who have already done that. I will try to get to them starting the first Friday of September --you know, the start of holiday shopping. Free advertising.


  1. I would love to be featured, but take your time. I know how busy the summer can be. I love your necklaces - they are truly pretty!