Jul 6, 2009

What Would It Say?

Key, I Oil on Linen 5"x7" $98

My key is done. Although, once the photo of the painting pop up on the computer, I saw lots of mistakes. Ahhh! Does this happen to any of you out there in the wonderful world of blogs?

Oh, thank you, Lindsey Tull for the great advice on painting metals. I still have plenty of prccticing to do, but at least I felt a bit more confident with the knowledge you shared with me.

Lindsey does beautiful work. I admire the way ath she can emulate metal. It is fantastic. Visit her blog and see for yourself.

I still wonder what the key was for and who it belong to. What stories would it tell?


  1. Hi Carolina!
    I think you've set the mood for mystery and curiosity correctly. You transmit your question clearly through this painting... great work!
    I like it very much :)
    Best regards,

    trully talented...
    Will check out the link.
    ~Lovely & creative week to you!

  3. I don't have a scanner but have found that my digital camera plays tricks on me. I have a frustrating time getting close enough for detail and trying to keep the paper square - the edges appear to bow out. I like your key. You are doing great- I have no idea where you see mistakes, it looks good to me.

  4. You've got the key to the highway...

  5. This is so beautiful.... Wonderful job!!

    xo Laura

  6. How lucky I am to have a great bunch of supporters that encourage my art!? I am so absolutely grateful for all your kind words.