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A Bit Behind on Painting

Bowl of Cherries, I Oil on Linen 4"x6" SOLD

I have been painting a little, but I have one month to finish 8 dresses, one of which is a princess style ball gown. Wish me luck. I will show you photos later.


  1. Started following you recently. Love your paintings.

  2. OMG! You sew too? 8 dresses in a month? My hat is off to you. I think I'm doing pretty good to sew a patch on a pair of blue jeans. I made a shirt once about 23 years ago. That was enough for me.

  3. Carol, I see what you mean , Your work is lovely.I see your on Etsy I will add you to my favorites!

  4. You make absolutely LOVELY paintings! Good luck with the dresses, can't wait to see them :)

  5. Wow, you are very very talented! I really must learn oil painting, so beautiful. Can't wait to see more!

  6. Great painting, excelent volume and glass feeling... love it!
    Can't wait to see the princess style dress...
    Best regards,

  7. Nice work... I like it!

    Now I'm curious about the dresses!


  8. Love the cherry painting. I can't wait to see the dresses. Good luck!

  9. Wow! You'll be busy, but happily I'm sure. Do show us the dresses (and of course keep painting when you have time). :)

  10. This painting is soooo sweet! :o) Paulette

  11. lovely cherries!
    Good luck with your sewing. :-)


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