Apr 5, 2009

Oklahoma Arts Festival

The Arts Festival is always an event I look forward to attending. Rain seems to come on those days and I hope this time it is different and the rain waits a few days. It is my way of meeting new artists and seeing what everone is up to these days. This year the Festival is April 21-26.

Oh, this weekend has been a busy one. Alexia was Violet in the You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown play at Harding Fine Arts. That was fantastic. I believe the audience was highly impressed. What a pleasure it must be to go to a school where arts are a priority and not an "elective"--for both treachers and students.

I sadly missed the opening for Tracey Harris. Let me tell you, the play ended about 8:30pm and so I thought we would enter the JRB and get to meet Tracey and see her work, but there was no parking space! Even though this stopped me from going in that day, it is wonderful to see how much support artists are getting in Oklahoma. I did wake up early Saturday morning to go to the farmer's market and then stop by to the gallery and view the exhibit. It was a grand experience. Tracey's work is even more phenomenal in person.

This was followed by a few hours at the Medieval Fair with the family. We had fun, but were ready for to be home for a while before Alexia had her last performance. Sunday, I just want to paint.

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  1. Wow--what a busy, culturally-filled schedule! How great your kids are in a play, and go to such a cool school.

    on a technical note: for some reason, your blog updates aren't showing up on my dashboard or in google reader...? Do you know if this is the case for any of your other followers? thanks, Liz